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Bladder accumulator

Design and function

The bladder accumulator consists of a seamless, high strength steel pressure vessel. An elastomeric bladder assembled inside the vessel ensures that the vessel is divided into gas and fluid compartments. The bladder is filled with nitrogen up to the pre-set gas pressure p0 using the gas filler valve. If the fluid is pressed into the accumulator, the gas in the bladder is compressed, thereby increasing its pressure. The volume of gas is reduced and the fluid can flow into the accumulator on the fluid side. As soon as the pressure on the fluid side falls below that of the gas pressure, the fluid empties from the accumulator. The base valve on the fluid side prevents the bladder from being destroyed when the accumulator is almost full of gas.

Designation – Example of order
Bezeichnung Blasebspeicher
1: Type of accumulator

BS bladder accumulator
2: Nominal volume (litres)
3: Max. permissible operating pressure
4: Bladder materials

E - ECO (Hydrin) -32°C to +115°C
NT - TT NBR (low temperature) -28°C to +070°C
N - NBR -15°C to +100°C
B - ITR (Butyl) -15°C to +120°C
V - FKM (Viton) -20°C to +140°C
5: Fluid suply

0 - G 1/2"
1 - G 3/4"
2 - G 1 1/4"
3 - G 2"
4 - M30 x 1,5"
5 - M40 x 1,5"
6 - M50 x 1,5"
7 - VF flange inlet
6: Accumulator material

A - C steel, primed
B - C steel, interior coated with plastic
C- C steel, interior chemnically nickel plated
T - low temperature steel
R - stainless steel (e. g. 1.4571)
7: Fluid supply-material

A - C steel
T - low temperature steel
C- stainless steel (e. g. 1.4301)
F - stainless steel (e. g. 1.4571)
8: Gas precharge pressure p0 (bar) at 20 °C
9: Acceptance test codes

CE Directive 2014/68/EU
other on request
Dimensions bladder accumulator
Abmessungen Blasenspeicher-dt
Vo (l)
P (bar)
in kg
Q max
A mmB mmC mmØD mmØd mmE mmF ZollØG mmØH mmSW 1 mmSW 2 mmJ mm
BS 0,2-350/...0,173501,715026539265616200G ½273824
BS 0,5-350/...0,603502,524024852229016174G ¾365032
BS 1,0-350/...1,003505,0240312525711422203G ¾365032
BS 1,6-350/...1,603507,0240395522711416316G ¾365032
BS 2,5-350/...2,4035010,0450532665711422409G 1¼536750
BS 4,0-350/...3,7035016,0450407665716822284G 1¼536750
BS 5,0-350/...5,0035017,0450881665711422785G 1¼536750
BS 6,0-350/...6,0035020,8450550665716822427G 1¼536750
BS 10-350/...-L10,0035028,0450807665716822684G 1¼536750
BS 10-330/...-K9,2033032,09005651015722122407G 276101711948
BS 12-330/...11,2033035,09006641015722122506G 276101711948
BS 20-330/...18,1033053,09008741015722122716G 276101711948
BS 24-330/...22,5033061,090010161015722122858G 276101711948
BS 32-330/...33,4033085,0900140010157221221242G 276101711948
BS 50-330/...48,70330123,0900192710166221501760G 276101711948

manufactoring tolerances are not considered


Installation position: Preferably vertically (liquid connection downwards) to horizontal, depending upon application. For the assembly of the filling and testing set an area of 200 mm is to be released above the accumulator.
Attachment: The accumulators are to be fastened according to size and weight. For the safe attachment we recommend HST-fastening parts, how clamps and bracket.
Allowable operating temperatur: -15 °C bis +100°C
Charging gas: Use nitrogen only.
Oxygen or compressed air means danger of explosion!

Fluids: Hydraulic oil, other fluids on request.

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